redefinED atlanta Sends A Warm Welcome to Dr. Bryan Johnson

Statement on Dr. Bryan Johnson Being Named Next Superintendent of APS

Angira Sceusi, Incoming Executive Director

“On behalf of redefinED atlanta, our board, and community advocates, I extend sincere congratulations to Dr. Bryan Johnson and a warm welcome to Atlanta.

We are encouraged by Superintendent Johnson’s proactive approach to prioritizing community engagements, which underscores his dedication to attentive and inclusive leadership.

The path forward will undoubtedly present challenges. However, with this new leadership opportunity, we hope it is reassuring to know that the community—including redefinED atlanta—stands ready to provide its full support in advancing equity and student-centered outcomes.

The next crucial step involves implementing community feedback, maintaining the collaborative spirit, and focusing on innovation, which promises positive outcomes for all APS students.

We believe Superintendent Johnson shares our vision of transforming Atlanta into a city where every student in every community receives a great K-12 public education. We eagerly anticipate opportunities to collaborate with him and his team in the important work that lies ahead.”


redefinED statement on Tapestry Charter School

A message from redefinED atlanta:

“Monday’s Board vote is disappointing to the nearly 650 Atlanta families who want to enroll their children at Tapestry Public Charter School and all of us who support them. APS students with special needs have lower graduation rates and higher dropout rates than the state averages. Yet, the Board of Education, via their 7-2 vote, has once again denied a school that specializes in serving such students. We believe every student in every community of Atlanta deserves equitable access to educational opportunities that help them thrive. Yesterday’s vote underscores the district’s unwillingness to support neurodiverse students. We will continue to support Tapestry’s commitment to replicate and serve more families with special needs and learning differences.”

About Tapestry

Vision & Mission:

Tapestry provides a rigorous and enriching education for a neurodiverse student body in grades 6-12, thereby creating an inclusive, innovative, and replicable academic model.

The mission of Tapestry Public Charter School is to offer an inclusive, individualized learning environment that is academically engaging, both for neurotypical students and those on the autism spectrum, and to create a positive school culture that empowers all students to take possession of their innate talents and become creative builders of their own futures.

Learn more about Tapestry’s academic model here.

Act Now

The Atlanta Board of Education must vote YES for Tapestry. Let the Board know that neurodivergent and special education students deserve a school like Tapestry. Make sure you submit your email before their next meeting on June 3, 2024. These students need your support!

In September 2023, the Board’s decision to deny Tapestry Public Charter School’s petition was deeply concerning. With 650 families eager to enroll their students, including many students with disabilities, this action ignored the desperate need for inclusive learning environments.

While the Board framed it as a delay, it remains a denial of a vital educational opportunity for hundreds of families. Tapestry’s proven model fosters academic excellence in a welcoming space for both neurotypical and neurodivergent students.

You can correct the Board’s mistake by recommending Tapestry for approval to the interim superintendent in the upcoming June 3rd meeting.

Media Coverage

Last updated June 4, 2024

mass shooting response

A Message From redefinED atlanta bout the Uvalde Mass Shooting

mass shooting response

Dear Friends and Family,

We are devastated and heartbroken by the mass murder that occurred at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX. While thoughts and prayers aren’t enough for the families in New York, California or Texas, it’s all we have to offer.

Tuesday’s incident took the lives of 19 children and two educators, and it marks at least the 30th shooting at a K-12 school in 2022. We understand the aftermath of a massacre can leave families, educators and school leaders feeling stressed, helpless, angry, scared and grieving.

In this moment of solidarity, we’re sharing a few resources to help you navigate these difficult times and find ways for you to communicate with educators and families in your community. 

Resources for Families, Educators and School Leaders:

If you need an immediate thought partner as you work through the day, please reach out to Adah Pittman-DeLancey, vice president of impact and external relations, at [email protected]

We hope our country will be spared from further mass shootings sometime soon. In the absence of immediate policy actions to address gun violence, we are working to create space to offer support, share resources and unite for collective efforts.

Yours in service,

redefinED atlanta