cultivating strong school talent with school leadership development

We believe that great schools have strong school leaders and teachers. For every student in every community to attend a great school, we must increase and retain the number of high-quality teachers and leaders entering Atlanta. We invest in organizations that grow talent at all levels because we believe every neighborhood deserves great schools. As part of our commitment to cultivating effective school leadership and teaching excellence, we have worked on cultivating school talent by utilizing school leadership development initiatives.

This initiative’s goal is to identify, develop, and support aspiring and current school leaders who are dedicated to driving positive change within their schools and communities. By providing tailored training, mentorship opportunities, and resources, we empower school leaders to create environments that foster academic achievement, equity, and innovation. Through focusing on school leadership development, we strive to ensure that every school in Atlanta is led by capable, visionary leaders who are committed to the success and well-being of Black and Brown students.

the importance of school leadership development

School leadership development plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape for Black and Brown students in Atlanta. Effective school leaders are instrumental in fostering an environment where every student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. By prioritizing school leadership development, we not only enhance the quality of education but also create pathways for educational excellence that are inclusive and equitable.

These leaders serve as catalysts for positive change, addressing challenges such as resource disparities, systemic inequities, and cultural biases within the educational system. Through their guidance and vision, they ensure that all students, regardless of their background, have access to opportunities and support systems necessary for success. Ultimately, investing in school leadership development is not just an investment in individual leaders but a commitment to the collective success and empowerment of Black and Brown students in Atlanta.

our investments

Relay Graduate School of Education

Relay started training teachers in Atlanta in 2017 to increase the number of high-quality teachers. Since its founding, Relay has trained more than 50 teachers through its teacher residency program and 49 school leaders through its leader fellowship program. In a very short period, Relay has become a highly sought-after program for both teachers and school leaders in Atlanta.

This video highlights recent college graduates that have joined Relay and provides an overview of the Residency.