redefinED statement on Tapestry Charter School

redefinED atlanta statement on Tapestry Charter School

A message from redefinED atlanta:

By voting to deny Tapestry Public Charter School’s petition to replicate their educational model via a 6-12 campus in Atlanta Public Schools, the Atlanta Board of Education is choosing to ignore the widely demonstrated need for more inclusive, individualized learning environments for neurodivergent students. It is deeply concerning to see the Board turn down a school that would have served so many students with special needs, especially considering the 650 “intent to enroll” signatures from eligible students and families.

The Board has framed their unanimous decision to deny Tapestry’s petition as a delay, not a final denial. But after far too many delays, and extensive evidence that the school would serve a diverse population, hundreds of families have now been publicly denied a great option when their kids need it. The Board made the wrong decision and for the sake of our kids, they should reconsider it quickly.