Statement on Dr. Bryan Johnson Being Named Next Superintendent of APS

Angira Sceusi, Incoming Executive Director

“On behalf of redefinED atlanta, our board, and community advocates, I extend sincere congratulations to Dr. Bryan Johnson and a warm welcome to Atlanta.

We are encouraged by Superintendent Johnson’s proactive approach to prioritizing community engagements, which underscores his dedication to attentive and inclusive leadership.

The path forward will undoubtedly present challenges. However, with this new leadership opportunity, we hope it is reassuring to know that the community—including redefinED atlanta—stands ready to provide its full support in advancing equity and student-centered outcomes.

The next crucial step involves implementing community feedback, maintaining the collaborative spirit, and focusing on innovation, which promises positive outcomes for all APS students.

We believe Superintendent Johnson shares our vision of transforming Atlanta into a city where every student in every community receives a great K-12 public education. We eagerly anticipate opportunities to collaborate with him and his team in the important work that lies ahead.”