take action in atlanta

How You Can Help

School leaders, teachers, and families can work together to help students learn. Schools are a resource for students in education, graduation, and getting ready for college and jobs. Collaboration between communities and schools helps drive positive student outcomes. Local school boards make decisions for public schools, and these decisions affect how teachers teach and students learn.

To get involved, read about what happened at each school board meeting here. Then, take action to ensure all of  Atlanta’s public school students succeed. 

Board Meeting Recaps

Action Center

  1. Identify the school board members who represent your district. See Atlanta Civic Circle’s map. Enter your address here to determine your representatives.
  2. Review this action center for issues in your community.
  3. Take action, contact your school board member or sign a petition to make your voice heard.

Access and School Options

  • Tell the Superintendent to innovate for APS.
    • Sign the petition.
  • Children with special needs deserve a quality education.
    • Tell your school board member to vote YES! for Tapestry Public Charter School.


  • Superintendent search
  • Act on G&G
  • Check out our Atlanta Schools Data Project. A tool that informs the community on how schools serve students and families. 


What interventions are working and where?