redefinED atlanta, a public education nonprofit that engages communities, advocates for equity, and funds critical work to drive systemic level improvement in K-12 public education for students and families, today announced the nine members of its Clayton County Grant Advisory Council. The council was chosen to partner with redefinED atlanta to advise the nonprofit about current Clayton County initiatives and organizations supporting public schools and their family and community engagement in the district as it expands into Clayton County. 

“Philanthropy tends to focus on the City of Atlanta, and we have recognized that some of the greatest needs and deepest inequities in public education are in our neighboring counties,” said Ed Chang, executive director for redefinED atlanta. “ Still, the same level of support and resources don’t necessarily match the existing needs. With the increasing percentage of families with children transitioning to the area, those existing challenges are only increasing, and we would like to do our part to help.”

Factors such as affordable housing and displacement have impacted families throughout greater Atlanta, by shifting where they live, and send their children to school. Throughout 2023, redefinED atlanta engaged with families and community members in Clayton County to learn more about their desires for children’s K-12 public education.

In September 2023, redefinED atlanta solicited nominations for the Clayton County Grant Advisory Council from the community at large. Parents and caregivers with students attending Clayton County Public Schools and community advocates for public education were priority nominees.

Nominees were asked to complete an application, redefinED atlanta conducted interviews, and the final nine-member council was selected in December 2023.  

One nominee from each of Clayton County’s nine school districts was selected to participate in the council from January 2024 to June 2024. Each member represents a diverse voice in the Clayton community who is passionate about serving their community and is committed to education equity.

The council will partner with redefinED atlanta staff to grant $100,000 in Clayton County to grow family and community engagement efforts to support public schools. 

redefinED atlanta’s 2024 Clayton County Grant Advisory Council Includes:

  • Crystal Perry, District 1
  • Crystal Dolympio, District 2
  • Rochelle Dennis, District 3
  • Kenya Hartry, District 4
  • Shavawn Simmons, District 5
  • Kaysie Lazzaro, District 6
  • Brenda Gutierrez, District 7
  • Sandy Allen-White, District 8
  • Akilah Williams, District 9

“Community is the heartbeat of our work at redefinED atlanta,” said Adah Pittman-DeLancey, vice president of community impact strategy for redefinED atlanta. “As an organization that funds critical work to drive equity in education, we are committed to listening and partnering with community members to inform our work to create lasting impacts for diverse communities.”   

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About redefinED atlanta:

Every student in Atlanta needs access to a great K-12 public education. Together with parents, educators, community leaders and philanthropists, redefinED atlanta is transforming metro Atlanta into a place where every student in every community has opportunity, well-being and self-determination. For more information, please visit