3D Girls, Inc. pivots to provide pandemic care

In the summer of 2012 Raioni Madison-Jones founded 3D Girls, Inc. with the mission of educating and empowering young women and their families. Over the past nine years the nonprofit has developed a caseload of 325 families in the metro Atlanta area, and when the coronavirus pandemic hit last year, 3D Girls, Inc. had to alter its work and intensify outreach efforts to yield more sustainable solutions for families in need.

“Our work is grounded in addressing the critical disparities that limit young women: the access to educational tools, financial empowerment and health resources that are needed to thrive,” said Madison-Jones. “We envision a future where the next generation of young women are self-sufficient leaders.”

The nonprofit has worked during the pandemic to provide more than 400 mothers and fathers in need with care packages on a weekly basis. It has also delivered tens of thousands of diapers, wipes and feminine care products, and during the holidays, 3D Girls, Inc. provided holiday gifts to 100 single parents experiencing hardships from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The work that we are doing is helping people sustain. The stories of hardship go deep, from the moms who gave birth at the peak of quarantine who are suffering to cope with not being able to work. To the veteran moms who have to decide to buy food or buy diapers,” said Madison-Jones. “Our team is working consistently to improve our systems and resources to effectively support families who are struggling to make ends meet during these difficult times.”

So far this year 3D Girls, Inc. has been working to address feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation among women and girls. On May 1 the group launched an emergency assistance program to help families with utilities, housing payments and other essential services to support families’ most immediate needs.

Who’s helping?

3D Girls, Inc.

Services: 3D Girls, Inc. works to educate and empower young women to be advocates for themselves and their families through mentoring, prenatal and parent education and social/emotional wellness.

Where to donate: To donate, visit www.3dgirlsinc.org/donate or send donations via mail to 933 Lee St. SW, Suite B-1, Atlanta, GA 30310

How to get help: Visit www.3dgirlsinc.org/assistance or email [email protected]