TheraPink works to improve middle schoolers’ mental health

Mental health has been a big topic this year, particularly with the increased stress from the coronavirus pandemic. TheraPink for Girls Inc., a mental health organization that started in January, is aiming its efforts specifically at helping middle school girls learn to cope with difficult situations, care for themselves and maintain their mental health.

“There are tons of challenges that middle school girls are experiencing such as maintaining friendships, bullying, unhealthy coping skills, and self-love,” said Jasmine Spratling, the CEO and founder of TheraPink for Girls Inc.

TheraPink is starting out with programs like “Candid Conversations,” which is a virtual safe-space chat, “Self-care Saturdays,” which are monthly events that provide info and activities for active self-care, and “TheraPink and Write,” a journaling initiative that encourages participants to write about their feelings and experiences.

“It’s important to provide an easily accessible and safe platform that educates youth on the importance of knowing about ways to actively engage in self-care that can eventually be modeled independently,” said Spratling.

One of the stressors on the middle school population that TheraPink targets is the anxiety and uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. TheraPink works to help participants process those feelings while following COVID-safe protocols.

“All events have been virtual thus far. However, we are excited to begin having in-person events this summer and when school resumes in the fall,” said Spratling.

Who’s helping?

TheraPink for Girls Inc.

Services: TheraPink works to bring an increase of mental health and self-care awareness to middle school girls in efforts to decrease the mental health challenges and suicide rates among the population.

Where to donate:

How to get help: Individuals or organizations that wish to collaborate in any way can email [email protected]

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