Perri D. Chandler and Patrice Johnson named Board Directors

On the left: Perri D. Chandler; On the right: Patrice Johnson

redefinED atlanta, an education nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that every student in Atlanta has the opportunity to attend a great public school, is pleased to announce that Perri D. Chandler and Patrice Johnson will both serve on its board of directors. Chandler and Johnson were a part of redefinED atlanta’s Board Development Program, an opportunity designed to create a pathway for parents and caregivers, APS alumni and other community advocates to join redefinED atlanta’s Board of Directors. 

redefinEd atlanta sought individuals interested in sharing their experiences to help shape advocacy decisions and grantmaking that impacts students and schools in Atlanta Public Schools, and who are interested in stepping into a multi-year volunteer board position at the end of our six-month preparation program.

Perri strives to create communities of respect in schools and neighborhoods through educational workshops with students, teachers and staff, parents and caregivers and community members. The goal of the work is to create inclusive, diverse, and brave environments by naming our intersecting identities, exploring and taking ownership of our explicit and implicit biases, dismantling positive and negative stereotypes, and acknowledging all levels of power and privilege.

She is an Atlanta Public Schools graduate, a graduate of American University, an anti-bias facilitator with the Anti-Defamation League, an ACTivator with ACT Consulting group, a member of VOX Teen Communications’ board of directors and a pop-culture enthusiast.

“The redefinED atlanta Board Development Program was a uniquely empowering experience. As a parent in APS, with limited board experience with other organizations, it was very helpful to have a facilitator lead us through a very detailed explanation of board culture and responsibilities at each level,” said Perri. “ As a member of the cohort, I enjoyed engaging in conversations about personal investments and individual strengths in our common interest of equity in, and access to, quality education.”

Johnson is the Founding MOM and CEO of Inspired MOM. The mission of her organization is to inspire moms on their parenting journey to create the life they love and deserve. For more than 10 years, she’s helped moms press the reset button by hosting mom-only events, which include MOMS NIGHT OUT and an annual MOTHERS APPRECIATION DINNER.     

Patrice has more than 15 years of experience working with youth  in roles as a  pre-K paraprofessional, homeschool teacher and nanny. Her previous roles in education and childcare fuel her passion to be a member of the redefinED atlanta board.

Johnson is proud to be a Georgia native, born at Grady Hospital and an APS graduate. Most important, she’s a mother of two amazing girls who are students in Atlanta Public Schools. She enjoys event planning, DIY projects and her new hobby of skyline touring. 

“I’m excited to be on the right side of history with the present state of reconstruction and the future bearing quality education for all students,” said Patrice. 

Chandler and Johnson join redefinED atlanta’s board, a collective of community leaders who will help advance the organization’s mission of every student in every community attending a great public school, and understand the challenges and shared experiences faced by students from systematically underserved communities.

Lastly, redefinED atlanta is excited to share two new additions to its 2022 Membership Committee. Katrina Rucker will serve on the external relations committee and Sandi Stallings will serve on the investment committee. 

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