Philosophy & Impact

We recognize the power of being an investor and the ways in which our influence and actions could be misinterpreted or misguided. Therefore, our investments reflect our values of community, equity, integrity, excellence and sustainability. At redefinED atlanta, we:

Long GamePlay the long game, keeping the goal of a high-quality school in every community as a guidepost.

Follow DataFollow the data to generate robust investment criteria and focus on communities with the greatest need and demand.

Tailor InvestmentsTailor investments to community needs and match school investments to specific communities and schools.

Grow DemandGrow demand by investing in community advocacy and making sure there is ample support for significant school improvement.

Build CoherenceBuild coherence by assembling a network of partners who can learn from one another and push each other to greater heights.

In addition, we are guided by the belief that we must protect and invest in the following conditions so we can achieve our goals:


Favorable CommunityA favorable community environment
We believe redefinED atlanta must be informed and responsive to community and school needs, and that we must strategically match investments to meet those needs.

Strong LeadershipStrong leadership at all levels
We believe we must have leaders at all levels who believe every neighborhood deserves access to a quality school and who are willing to make urgent and substantial changes to disrupt the status quo.

Talent PipelineA robust talent pipeline for teachers and school leaders
We believe we must raise the bar of quality for teachers and leaders in Atlanta.

Quality SeatsMultiple pathways for creating quality seats
We believe in quality autonomous and accountable public schools, including traditional and charter.

Every year, we will support the creation and expansion of more high-quality seats. As this number increases, excellent schools become the norm in Atlanta, excellent schools become what every community expects and demands. Every high-quality school represents an opportunity for a student to receive an excellent education, graduate from high school and go to college or train for a career.