We supported a local parent and community information event with members of The Memphis Lift, a grassroots parent engagement and advocacy group. This event was designed to help Atlanta parents and community members learn about engagement and advocacy efforts that are having impact in other cities.


We are supporting GeorgiaCAN in its efforts to identify, advocate for and advance common-sense policies that put the needs of students first.


We are supporting Better Outcomes for Our Kids (BOOK) in its efforts to raise awareness for high-performing schools in African American communities within Atlanta, and its efforts to expand and increase awareness of educational options and school choice within the city.


We supported a PLUS parent-led effort to host an Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education Candidate Forum designed to educate community members about candidate views and increase voter participation.


We are supporting leadership development for Atlanta Public Schools’ principals, assistant principals and associate superintendents.

We have supported the Relay Graduate School of Education to come to Atlanta. This organization will bring 120 highly qualified teachers to APS over the next two years.

We are supporting a program to train, develop and coach new teachers within Atlanta.



We are supporting Purpose Built’s expansion with contract schools within Atlanta Public Schools’ Carver cluster: Thomasville Heights Elementary, Slater Elementary, Price Middle and Carver High School.


We are supporting Kindezi’s expansion to Gideons Elementary within Atlanta Public Schools as well as the growth of Kindezi’s existing schools.



We are supporting the launch of Resurgence Hall, a state-approved charter school that serves students in both Atlanta Public Schools and Fulton County Schools.

Ecosystem Development

We have supported exploratory trips to other city districts for APS senior leadership to delve deeper into strategies other cities are using to close the achievement gap.