We’re Rooting for You, Superintendent Herring


There are many positive things to say about Lisa Herring, Ed.D., the sole finalist to become the next superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools. Foremost, perhaps, is the fact she is from these parts, having grown up in Macon, earned her bachelor’s degree at Spelman, and done research at Therrell High School.

In other words, Herring knows what she’s getting herself into.

Switch To Online Learning Could Provide ‘Stress Test’ For Metro Atlanta Schools

Starting Monday, March 16, several metro Atlanta public school districts and all 26 of the state’s colleges and universities will make the switch to online learning due to coronavirus concerns.

Schools say they’re ready for the change. But experts say there could be some unforeseen challenges to virtual classrooms.

Providing Access

The biggest challenge for a lot of K-12 districts is making sure students and teachers have internet access and a device to use.